Arvaikheer Learning Center

The learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia is the first BOOKBRIDGE learning center. It was established in September 2009 in the administrative capital of Övörkhangai province (about 450km east of capital Ulaanbaatar).

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Uuganaa Gantumur

Uugantsetseg Gantumur
Head of Learning Center

Khandsuren Tserengombo

Khandsuren Tserengombo
Assistant Teacher


Jennifer Myung

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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center
Uugantsetseg Gantumur
Phone: +976 9982 5042

Cherish our Founders and Alumni

BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Bulgan was setup by a group of 11 bridge builders in 2010. Among them were Luisa Smith and Anne Brauer from the Franconian International School (FIS) in Erlangen, Germany. The FIS also collected the books for the library which forms an essential part of the learning center. Since then, the center was supported by the following people:

Alisson Mintz | Peace Corpos Volunteer | 2009 – 2011
Jason Ehrig | Peace Corps Volunteer | 2011 – 2013
Elmina Joldic | Peace Corps Volunteer | 2011 – 2013