Key Benefits

We create WIN-WIN-WIN situations. Our programs benefit individuals, organizations and the communities alike.

Candidates learn…

  • cutting-edge business and leadership skills taught by two professional coaches
  • how to create, implement and monitor their own business plan in an unknown environment
  • how to manage a complex project in an international environment
  • how to work together at eye-level in a virtual and multi-cultural team
  • how to change perspective, exert leadership skills and reflect on their own performance

Organizations foster…

  • the entrepreneurial thinking and acting among their key talents
  • the ability of their workforce to lead complex projects within a multi-stakeholder approach
  • the understanding of the concept of sustainability and its application to the day-to-day business
  • fresh insights into emerging markets, including critical business issues and opportunities
  • their brand equity with employees, communities and the market alike

Communities benefit by…

  • establishing a community-based learning center as a social enterprise
  • access to external skills, expertise and social capital
  • strengthening the self-esteem of key community members
  • fresh insights and innovative ideas on local sustainability issues by highly skilled professionals
  • better capabilities in teamwork, managing change and cultural integration

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