Bulgan Learning Center

Bulgan is the administrative capital of Bulgan province about 420km north west of Mongolias capital Ulaanbaatar. The learning center was established in 2011 on request of Bulgans department of education and culture. Its main activities are beginner and intermediate English classes, English clubs, IT-courses, organizing competitions among schools in the Bulgan area and others. The host organization is the local culture palace.

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Maralmaa Jargalsaikhan

Maralmaa Jargalsaikhan
Head of Learning Center


Keysel Pelaez
Peace Corps Volunteer

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World Vision

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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center
Bulgan aimag
Bulgan sumiin soyoliin tuv
Phone: +976-98642069
E-Mail: maralmaa@bookbridge.org


Cherish our Founders and Alumni

BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Bulgan was setup by a group of 11 bridge builders in 2011. Among them were Luisa Smith and Anne Brauer from the Franconian International School (FIS) in Erlangen, Germany. The FIS also collected the books for the library which forms an essential part of the learning center. Since then, the center was supported by the following people:

Cony Fiedler | Fellow | Aug 2014 – Feb 2015
Mrs. Delgermaa | Foreign Language Specialist from department of education and culture | Oct 2011 – present
Tenzin Lhamo Banare | Peace Corps Volunteer | Oct 2011 – Aug 2013
Eric Luckey | Peace Corps Volunteer | Oct 2011 – May 2012