Kekirawa Learning Center

The Kekirawa Learning Centre (KLC) is BOOKBRIDGE’s second learning center in Sri Lanka. It opened in March 2017 and offers a library with over 3,000 books and a computer lab with internet access. It provides high quality learning experiences in ICT and English language. The learning center will expand its services for the community in the near future (e.g. outreach programs). Community Hero Sampath Sri Senawatte set up the center together with the participants of our 2nd Global Social Entrepreneurship Program.

The learning center’s vision is to build an empowered and inspired sustainable community with knowledge, skills, and values and a positive attitude towards life.

Kekirawa is a small town in the rural Anuradhapura District about 100 km north east from Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo. The local economy in the Kekirawa division mainly depends on agriculture and aquaculture. As the first sector doesn’t generate much income per capita, the poverty head count index in Anuradhapura (7.6%) is above the national average (6.7%).

Meet the team


Sampath Senawatte
Head of Learning Center


Mahinda Abeyrathna
Head of English Education


Rainer Kirchhofer


Christina Vestey


Manfred Messerli

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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center
Sampath Sri Senawatte
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Anuradhapura District
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Sri Lanka

Cherish our Founders and Alumni

The learning center in Kekirawa was set-up with the help of our second Global Social Entrepreneurship Program with University of Basel. A big thank you to all participants, supporters and investors!

The participants of the 2nd Global Social Enterpreneurship Program
The participants of the 2nd Global Social Enterpreneurship Program