We are currently recruiting candidates for our second MasterClass starting in autumn 2018. We invite all members of our family interested in learning more about the program to a Zoom Call in February. Please contact Carsten to receive an invite.

Why? At the 2016 Summit, Bridgebuilders showed big interest in solving challenges around our existing learning centers in collaboration with the BOOKBRIDGE Team and Board. During CAP6, the idea of a Capability Program with more degrees of freedom for the candidates was born.

What? The BOOKBRIDGE MasterClass is a highly challenging, intense and stimulating leadership development program. The part-time program provides Bridgebuilders with the unique opportunity to develop both professionally and personally while contributing with their knowledge and experience to take our family of learning centers to the next level. Building up on the Capability Program, the MasterClass offers more degrees of freedom to its candidates and challenges them with issues at the heart of BOOKBRIDGE.

Drawing of the MasterClass Challenge

The MasterClass designs, implements and assesses an online training program in entrepreneurial acting which trains our Community Heroes as trainers for community members to setup worthwhile tangible businesses. Before releasing the program to the community as an additional paid service offering, the Community Heroes live through it themselves by expanding the services of their learning centers.

How? Structure and process of the MasterClass follow a design attitude and evolve over the course of the program. Before start of the program, candidates only agree on the dates for the kick off module and the period of 6 months for the joint experience. At kick off, candidates define structure and process of the program by themselves, based on their availabilities and the requirements of the challenge. At the end of the program, candidates have the possibility to hand over the current status of their challenge to the next Capability Program for further implementation.

When? The MasterClass was kicked off on September 22-23, 2017 at BOOKBRIDGE in Basel. The last module coincides with the kick off of CAP12 on May 3-4, 2018 in Basel.

Who? All Alumni of the Capability Programs as well as Fellows and Book Champions with experience in our target countries are eligible as candidates for the MasterClass. Nathalie Moral will accompany the team as a business coach. BOOKBRIDGE Country Teams and Community Heroes act as local counterparts for the candidates. The BOOKBRIDGE Board invests in the business opportunity with no pre-fixed amount. Carsten supports as program manager and host.

How much? Total costs for the pilot program amounted EUR 1,650 excluding travel costs. The time investment per candidate amounts 3-4 hours of virtual teamwork per week over the course of 6 months. Time spent in the modules depend on the structure decided by the team in module 1.


Would you like to support the learning centers who are not doing well as well? 
The MasterClass focuses on those Community Heroes who are passionate about the challenge of the MasterClass and who have the time and resources to participate. We do not limit the participants to learning centers which are running well or not. The key decision criteria is the motivation of the Community Hero.

What activities are we thinking of for the learning centers?
The activities will be developed by the MasterClass candidates.

Is the whole BOOKBRIDGE Network open to us? 
Yes, the scope is defined by the team in module 1.

Do you miss an answer to a question? We are looking forward to hearing your question and including it here.


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