Sainshand Learning Center

“Erdmiin Urguu” Bookbridge Learning Center (“educational palace”) is BOOKBRIDGE’s 12th learning center in Mongolia. It is located in Sainshand town and was opened in May 2017 by our 4th WHU General Management Plus Program in collaboration with Community Hero Batchimeg Purevjav.

Sainshand is the capital of Dornogovi Province in Mongolia. It is located in the eastern Gobi desert on the Trans-Mongolian railway. The city has a population of 29,000.

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Batchimeg Purevjav
Head of Learning Center

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Dornogovi Branch of Medical University


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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center
Zaluus Khoroolol, Building 33
3rd Bag
Dornogovi province
Tel: +976 96039096


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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Arvaikheer was setup by our 4th General Management Plus Program.