A structured learning process

Our open programs are all designed to run in sync with your professional schedule. Three on-site weekend modules and one virtual module are coupled with off-site virtual teamwork to ensure minimal disruption of professional life. Eight days on-site in Mongolia or Cambodia provide the opportunity for a transforming leadership experience.

Learning Process

Our programs are structured in five modules:

Module 1: Team setup and project planning
Candidates get introduced to social business and their learning center project by means of a case study as well as virtual sessions with their local counterparts in Asia. The business coach equips the team with project management and business modelling tools to kick-off the teamwork with local counterparts on the joint project. The leadership coach focuses on team dynamics and intercultural leadership. At the end of module 1, the team is ready to start researching and understanding the context of their entrepreneurial venture.

Module 2: Business modelling
Based on the understanding of the local context, candidates develop a business model for their learning center as a social business jointly with their local counterparts. The business coach facilitates the process of business modelling. The leadership coach mentors the candidates in working together with their local counterparts at eye level.

Module 3: Investor pitch and implementation planning
Candidates pitch their business plan in front of a board of real investors from Europe and Asia. If the investment is granted, candidates start preparing the implementation of the business plan together with their local counterparts. If the investment is not granted, candidates re-work the business plan and pitch again. The leadership coach analyzes team dynamics and leadership roles together with the candidates. The business coach guides the team in preparing the implementation of the business plan.

Module 4: Business plan implementation
In an eight-day on-site phase, candidates implement the business plan by setting up their own learning center as a social business in Mongolia or Cambodia. While local counterparts focus on the physical setup of the center, candidates work on marketing, sales, finance and HR aspects of the business plan. The on-site module concludes with opening up the learning center and starting the first courses.

Module 5: Evaluation and transfer
Following a virtual monitoring and controlling phase, candidates evaluate the impact of the Capability Program on a personal, organizational and project level. The leadership coach guides them in closing individual learning contracts and transfer the learnings to their business environment. The business coach evaluates the social business project along the triple bottom line.

Post-Learning Experience

BOOKBRIDGE offers an enriching post-learning experience for Capability Program Alumni. We invite you as an alumni of our program to stay connected to their learning center, continue to provide their skills as well as become an engaged member of our Family of Bridgebuilders.

  1. Stay connected with your learning center: Following the setup of your learning center, you will receive monthly impact reports from your Community Hero. You are welcome to interact with the local team based on these reports, recognize what they have achieved as well as contribute your ideas on the challenges they face. All you need to do is to keep your Teamwork account and wait for the monthly report to pop up in your inbox.The time commitment needed from your side is 10-15 minutes per month.
  2. Become a mentor for a Community Hero: We invite you to leverage your experience as an entrepreneur in Asia to mentor a Community Hero or staff member in her/his respective development. The mentoring program entails monthly video conferences and quarterly update calls with the respective BOOKBRIDGE Country Manager. You and your mentee define the goal of the mentoring program. You may use Teamwork to document the outcomes of the mentoring sessions and share the outcomes with your Capability Program Team during the update calls.The time commitment needed from your side is between 1,5 to 2 hours per month.
  3. Act as an expert in the next Capability Program: You may hand over your key lessons learnt and knowledge on the local market to the next Capability Program Team by becoming an expert contact for them. As an expert, we involve you in the creation of the case study for the Capability Program and invite you for a (virtual) speed-dating session in module 1 of the next program following yours. Throughout the program, candidates may contact you via Teamwork and ask you for feedback on the current status of their business.The time commitment needed from your side is 2-3 hours for the case study review, 1 hour for the speed dating and 1 to 4 hours along the program for feedback.
  4. Join our next Summit: Every to years, Bridgebuilders from around the world meet for 3 days to meet each other, discuss key topics related to BOOKBRIDGE and grow together as a global family. You and your family is invited to this event.The time commitment needed from your side is 1-3 days.

Your key contact for all post-learning offerings is Carsten.


Carsten Rübsaamen
carsten [at] bookbridge.org