Volunteer Portrait: Anthony Cherwinski

Anthony Chawinski
Anthony Chawinski
Anthony Cherwinski is working at BOOKBRIDGE library in Gobi-Altai, Mongolia. In this post, he tells us about his work.

Hi Anthony, tell us something about you: how old are you, what do you do, what is your hobby, what drives you?
I am 26 years old and United States Peace Corps Volunteer. I will be living in Gobi-Altai for 2 years. While I am in Altai, I will be working with the children’s department of the aimag (governmental district) and this is how I am related to Bookbridge. I have had a wonderful time living here in Mongolia with Brittany, my wife. We love learning about Mongolian culture and we involve ourselves in the community as much as possible.

How did you become attentive on Bookbridge?
Working with the aimag children’s department gives me access to the Bookbridge library. We use it every week for several different programs.

Why do you engage in Bookbridge?
The books and supplies provided by Bookbridge are very beneficial to many members of our community.

What do you do at Bookbridge?
I use the library that Bookbridge has provided to benefit the community of Gobi-Altai. The programs I am involved in that benefit from Bookbridge are several English classes and a disabled children’s program. Besides, we plan to start a business and movie club very soon.

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