Time has come for you as a next-generation leader to step up and take action. Our Academy makes you learn and experience the true meaning of this in a worldwide unique approach.

We challenge you with a real entrepreneurial endeavor in an emerging market. Your role is to step up as an entrepreneur and learn by doing. By collaborating with teammates across cultures in a mostly virtual setup, you experience what it takes to become a next-generation leader.


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Economy, technology and society – the world – is changing faster than ever. You want to leverage your key talents and decide on which opportunities to follow? In today’s massively interrelated world, high levels of responsibility for ourselves and others are required. Simultaneously we strive for integrating value and meaning into our and other’s professional lives. The ability to open up, embrace change and co-create tangible, impactful solutions are critical success factors today and even more so tomorrow.

In order to succeed in the New Economy, organizations more often need a transformational non-hierarchical leadership structure, empowered team members, relentless focus on impact, adaptive technology platforms and processes as well as an inclusive and agile culture. Gaining insight into growth markets and developing a deep understanding of different cultures have become as crucial as learning new skills such as how to work in diverse, self-organized teams and to adapt to change.

At the same time, organizations find it more and more difficult to attract, develop and retain key talents. How do you ensure that the core asset of your business – your people – stay with you and feel both challenged and appreciated at the same time? We apply a very hands-on approach to this question by challenging employees to find their own purpose.

This is what we strive for. No less. No more.


Our development approach is as simple as worldwide unique. To turn you into a nextgeneration of leader, you learn cutting edge business and leadership skills and experience what it takes to be a real entrepreneur in an emerging market. This drives you outside of your comfort zone. And this is exactly where you start to develop.

What do we equip you with? Our programs focus on three key capabilities to empower you to act as change maker in your professional and personal environment:

  1. Lead with purpose
    • You reflect on your key talents and values, paving the way towards finding your own why.
    • You discover the power of a joint vision to drive teams and you gain experience in leading as a team towards an agreed purpose.
  2. Collaborate across cultures in a virtual setup
    • You work together with team members from different cultures on a concrete idea for a worthwhile tangible business.
    • You collaborate virtually, applying benefits and boundaries of virtual teamwork.
  3. Think and act as a real entrepreneur
    • You learn by setting up a worthwhile tangible business from scratch in an emerging market.
    • You experience the full cycle of being an entrepreneur: from vision to developing a business model from scratch based on consumer needs over implementing it to assessing the impact
    • You learn how to take responsibility for your action and being held accountable in the team


Learning journey in our program

The Capability Program is a parttime program. A total of 16 learning days spread over five modules in the course of 6 months. In addition, you spend an average of 4 hours per week on virtual teamwork in-between modules.

Two professional coaches accompany you on your learning journey as a next-generation leader. An experienced business coach equips you with all the tools and methods you need in order to act as an entrepreneur. Our professional leadership coach develops your next generation leadership skills in personal coaching sessions as well as in team interventions.

Program formats

Depending on your development needs, we offer different program formats. To offer you the best mix out of theory and practice, we have partnered up with leading training institutions to offer you ECTS-certified programs.

If you feel like going for the pure entrepreneurial experience with a strong focus on personal development, you may choose our BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program. If you already have leadership experience and your interest lies in strengthening you leadership, team, entrepreneurial and intercultural skills, we recommend our joint program IAP Zurich. In case you want to combine a sound general management education with an awarding practical application of the skills learnt, go for our General Management Plus Program with WHU.



Individual Coaching

Participation Fee


Capability Program

16 days
6 months

3+ sessions
16d + 3h/w

EUR 11,000

Next Programs

IAP CAS International
Leader & Entrepreneur 

18 days
8 months

3 sessions
3 days
15d + 4h/w

CHF 13,900

Program WebSite

WHU General
Management Plus

21-28 days
10 months

2 sessions
5-12 days
16d + 3h/w

EUR 17,500

Program WebSite

Why choose us?
Because we walk the talk. From start – more than ten years ago – we have been developing BOOKBRIDGE as a social enterprise with a diverse and mostly virtual team around the globe. What a roller coaster ride it was! And at all times, we kept our vision in our minds to stay focused and at the same time flexible to adapt to changing realities.

What is our market? We position ourselves as an action-learning program. There are many offerings out there. What differentiates us in the market is that we focus on personal development and combine leadership development with a tangible and lasting impact. This is what no-one else does. See yourself in the matrix and do let us know if you have seen something similar:

What happens after the program? We offer a variety of post-learning experiences to support you as a next-generation leader. First, you stay connected to your team in bi-yearly video calls. Second, you receive monthly reports from the business you created. Third, our learning partnership program connects you with fellow next-generation leaders from other industries and geographies to exchange knowledge and skills. Finally, we invite you to our bi-yearly BOOKBRIDGE Summit, allowing you to broaden your network and to continue to live our spirit and shared values.

Who has participated so far? Since the start of the program, more than 250 next-generation leaders have participated in our program. They come from a very broad range of client organizations like Swiss Re, Swisscom, HILTI, Bosch Siemens Household Appliances, Trafigura UBS, Nokia, pwc, Evonik, Metro, Henkel and Allianz. See our clients page for a complete list of references.

When do our next programs start? Our programs run throughout the year. They are open programs. Individuals and organizations alike are invited to join.

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Are you ready to join the ride? Our application process follows three easy steps. First, you express your interest in joining our program by filling out the application form. Second, we invite you to a 45 minute video conference. In this call, you have the chance to get to know us and the program closer. In return, we will ask you questions around your motivation and expected learning goals. At the end of the call, we both make a decision on whether to continue or not. Third, we sign a written agreement which secures you a spot in your desired program.

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Do you need support? This is not a standard program which you just book online. This is a life-changing decision. Hence, take your time to decide whether you are ready. In case of any questions, we are very happy to receive an e-mail and to schedule a phone call or personal meeting.


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