Salariin Kampuchea Learning Center

Salariin Kampuchea Learning Center is located in Chreav, a quarter in the Southeastern outskirts of the provincial city of Siem Reap, a province to the North of Cambodia, famous for its temple complex Angkor Wat. It was setup between November 2016 and March 2017 as 7th BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Cambodia. The business plan for the learning center was jointly developed by the team of BOOKBRIDGE’s 9th Capability Program and its Community Hero.

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Ravy Vang
Head of Learning Center


Chandy Song
Librarian & Accountant


Bona Vin
English Teacher


David Dor
IT Teacher


Samnang Nov
English Teacher


Reaksmey Phon
English Teacher and Volunteer

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Cambodia Scouts

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Salariin Kampuchea

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Salariin Kampuchea Learning Center
Veal Village, Sangkat Chreav
Siem Reap City
Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
Phone: M +855 12 320 562

Cherish our Founders and Alumni

Salariin Kampuchea Learning Center was set up by the participants of our 9th Capability Program that come from both Europe and Cambodia:
Mike Kok Benson, Phirorng Boeurn, Puth Deu, Soda Doeun, David Dor, Phorn Em, Siyan Kin, Grazyna Kosno, Clara Maingi, Alison McLean, Devpriya Misna, Eleanor Nevill, Kim Schou Nielsen, Ratha Piv, John Reidy, Monica Rios, Boris Rudolf, Chandy Song, Emmy Stenqvist Karlsson, Bona Vin, Marcel Vogt, Lisa von Graevenitz, Moritz Werning

Excited to have concinved the investors: the CAP9 team
Excited to have concinved the investors: the CAP9 team