Building next-generation leaders

Time has come for you as a next-generation leader to step up and take action. We equip you with the skills to become a change maker and we invest in social enterprises around the world. Step by step, we move closer to our vision of people who do what they really are. We invite you to join our Family of Bridgebuilders and co-create where we are heading next!


Our Social Business Fund supports you as a visionary entrepreneur in setting up your social business. Your goal is to improve job and life chances of disadvantaged people. This is why we call you our Community Hero. We develop your skills, mentor you on your learning journey and make you a proud and important member of our worldwide Family of Bridgebuilders.

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Our Academy makes you learn and experience the true meaning of next-generation leadership. We challenge you with a real entrepreneurial endeavor in an emerging market. Your role is to step up as an entrepreneur and learn by doing. By collaborating with teammates across cultures in a mostly virtual setup, you experience what it takes to become a next-generation leader.

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Our impact

As a social business, we believe in the power of business to do social good. And we have a double bottom line by creating impact in the organizations of our next-generation leaders and in the communities of our social business investments. Click on the movies to hear them talk about us.

395 next-generation leaders trained
49 social businesses funded
10 countries active in
398,000 Euro in investments placed

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Our network

To empower you to do what you really are, we are proud of our partners, clients and investors. We are deeply grateful for their engagement and support: