100 days after the Summit

100 days have passed since 75 enthusiastic bridgebuilders met for 4 days in the Black Forest. In this blog article, we review what has happened since then and invite all bridgebuilders to make a selfie on the impact which BOOKBRIDGE has had upon them and their lives.

75 bridgebuilders from 21 countries gathered at Langenhard in the Black Forest for our 3rd BOOKBRIDGE Summit. As diverse their backgrounds and experience, as much you could feel what unites us all – the passion to make an impact as a Family of Bridgebuilders.

Joyous, colorful, engaged: the BridgeBuilder Summit joined 70 participants from all around the world
Joyous, colorful, engaged: the BridgeBuilder Summit joined 75 participants from all around the world

A key moment for me was when we sat around the fireplace on Friday evening. Instead of running an entertainment program, all Bridgebuilders were invited to contribute something to the evening – a song, a game or a statement. I will never forget when we all sang the BOOKBRIDGE Song for the first time.


BOOKBRIDGE Circular Singing at 2016 Summit from BOOKBRIDGE on Vimeo.

The agenda for the Summit was created by the participants themselves. Out of the inputs in the application form, we created 9 workshops around topics around our Vision 2020. Different from the last Summit, bridgebuilders themselves prepared the workshop and members of the BOOKBRIDGE Team supported them.

What has happened since then? First, all workshops results were saved and made publicly available for all bridgebuilders on Teamwork. Second, the BOOKBRIDGE Team followed up on the different workshops in their Team Time on May 9. Third, the team members responsible for the workshops (see pictures below) have been following up on the results (see Teamwork notebooks for more detailed updates)

Summit Workshop FollowUps

What have we learnt from the Summit? The Summit is a super important event to bring together our Family of Bridgebuilders to get to know each other, have fun and discuss current challenges. This time, we had 5 Community Heroes with us which allowed us to share and discuss ideas directly with those who are working with our communities. In addition, it was a wide decision to let participants propose workshops topics and put the preparation and execution in their hands while we as the BOOKBRIDGE Team ensure the FollowUp. If you want to dive deeper into the Lessons Learnt, review our feedback and lessons learnt notebook on Teamwork.

The next Summit will take place in May 10-13, 2018. As we may expect 100 participants with our growing network until then, we will most likely stay at EOS Gruppenhaus close to Offenburg, Black Forest, Germany. From the feedback by all participants, we decided in the team to reduce the number of workshops from 9 to 6, get a second moderator besides Carsten and allow for more networking and free time in-between agenda points. Finally, we also aim at inviting more Community Heroes from Asia. The idea came up to have a have a Summit in Asia soon as well.

Thanks to the individual contributions by our Bridgebuilders, we were able to conduct the Summit without a financial burden for our Foundation. Total costs of EUR 6.548 were covered by participation fees of our bridgebuilders and BOOKBRIDGE paying for their respective teams. BOOKBRIDGE Foundations sponsored the participation of 3 bridgebuilders in the Summit.

Summit Expenses

Would you like to stay in touch with regard to the next Summit? Book May 10-13, 2018 in your calendar and watch out for news at www.bookbridge.org/summit/ .

In case of any further questions on the Summit, feel free to reach out to Carsten at carsten [at] bookbridge.org .

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