16,475 great books sorted, packed and shipped

Proud team in front of the pallets

With support of more than 50 UK Scouts, we sorted through 30,000 books in just one day. On Monday, July 24, we sent off 16,475 high quality English books to our learning centers in Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. We are grateful for the support of our book champions at the FIS and at 2nd East London. You are amazing!

It felt like coming home for Carsten. For the 6th year in a row, 2nd East London hosted our yearly UK Sorting Event at Hargreaves Scout Camp in Romford, Northern London. More than 50 scouts came to sort through roughly 30,000 books which the scouts had been collecting in and around London since last year. And it took us only one day to get through!

How much fun it is to sort books!

By Saturday evening, we had sorted all books into 16 distinct categories. Naturally, fiction and information books were the most-donated books. Games, media and dictionnaries were the least-donated books. Based on the needs of our learning centers, we split them up in different boxes and categorized them with a label. By that way, each box finds its way to one of our 26 learning center locations in Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

What motivates us most, is to see the passion and energy of all book champions involved in our cause. This time, we had new scouts coming and helping us. Furthermore, GSE1 Alumna Kathrin came all of the way from Switzerland to support us as well. And all 2nd East London cubs, scouts, explorers and leaders did an amazing job in putting this event together. We are proud of our long-standing partnership!

On Sunday, we had packed 16,475 books onto pallets, ready to be shipped to Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. The pallets to Mongolia will leave immediately by Transsiberian Railways. The books for Cambodia and Sri Lanka will be shipped by end of the year. We are grateful for the support by Henning, Alexander, Martin, Steffen, Willem, Darren, Bart, Dijs, Rombout and Chris at Kuehne + Nagel. Without them, our books would move nowhere.

Thank you all for all your support!



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