Family Reunion at the 2018 Summit

Thank you for a wonderful summit!
99 Bridgebuilders in the ruins of Allerheiligen.

Every two years, BridgeBuilders from around the world gather to get to know each other, to celebrate our successes and to discuss future challenges of BOOKBRIDGE. From May 10-13, 2018, 99 bridgebuilders from more than 20 countries met in the Black Forest. The feeling of belonging to one big family with shared values brought us together even closer. The next Summit will be held on May 14-17, 2020.

From May 10-13, we met in the Black Forest around the ruins of the Allerheiligen Monastery. 99 bridgebuilders from all around the world – flying in from as far as Sydney, Australia to Michigan, USA – met for four days to BridgeBuilders to get to know each other, share ideas and have a lot of fun together. Among them were 11 Community Heroes from 3 countries, the largest number we have welcomed so far to a Summit! Many participants met for the first time in person and it was very moving to see people shaking hands and hugging each other after meeting only virtually so many times before. Many Capability Program Teams reunited with their Community Heroes to revive the spirit of their joint learning journey and celebrate their achievements.

During three days, we discussed ideas, shared learnings and decided on new strategies and steps to take to be ready for the next months. 4 days prior to the Summit, the BOOKBRIDGE Team and Community Heroes had already met to address important needs and challenges of the learning centers. For some of them it was the first time travelling to Europe, even leaving their own country. It was an inspiring and exciting experience for them to meet so many members of the BridgeBuilder Family in person and learn in which areas BOOKBRIDGE is active.

6 impactful workshops with tangible results

In six workshops, we discussed current and future challenges of BOOKBRIDGE. In the workshop around The Future of BOOKBRIDGE, all participants agreed that our learning centers are and remain at the core of our model. We embrace new opportunities to franchise our Capability Program Learning Approach to new geographies and countries. At the same time, our resources remain focused around our learning centers. Richard, Thomas and Tunga run a workshop around the Ecological Footprint of BOOKBRIDGE. All participants were very interested in implementing the model at our learning centers. By end of this year, all learning centers are offered to run workshops around the ecological footprint of their students and communities. Curdin and Monika run a workshop around our Social Business Fund. Many important aspects around our financing were discussed. The result is that we will revise the regulations of our Fund to make investments in non-learning center business possible as well. Our MasterClass workshop ended in many Capability Program Alumni and Community Heroes being interested in a second MasterClass. We have started to work on the program outline. Our Country Teams received very useful inputs on the Challenges in our Countries. They have identified six areas of action and are already following up on the results. Finally, Jorge and Jella gave their participants all they need to excel as next-generation leaders in their organization with their workshop around No Boss. No Hierarchy. No Plan. .

Browse through workshop results

Financed by bridgebuilders for bridgebuilders

Organizing such a big event is one challenge. Financing it another one. We are grateful that everyone could contribute his/her part towards the funding of our gathering. As you can see in the graphics below, mostly all the total expenses of EUR 18.834 were covered by the daily participation fee of EUR 55 per person per day for food, accommodation and program. On the Summit, we ended up with a profit of EUR 611 which we will use to invite Community Heroes to our 2020 Summit.

The donations of more than 30 bridgebuilders made it possible to invite 11 Community Heroes to the Summit. We are grateful for the generous support of our family members. For the next Summit, we would like to continue the stipend scheme and start collecting funds early. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

2018 Community Hero Visit Financials

It is time to say THANK YOU!

The Summit is prepared and run by bridgebuilders for bridgebuilders. We are proud that so many people contributed their time and resources to make the Summit what it is – an unique gathering of our family members from around the world. This year, we would like to thank especially…

  • the team at EOS Allerheiligen for their support of our vision, values and last-minute wishes
  • Firas, Niko and Aja from Kantine Freiburg for their fantastic cooking skills
  • all bridgebuilders who supported us in running the Summit, like e.g. Barbara at the reception, Andreas and Susanne during the Saturday afternoon activities or Jorge and Anna in our evening events
  • Mario, Jorge, Ruby, Uuganaa, Jella and all others who contributed to singing and playing instruments
  • all bridgebuilders who contributed financially to the result that 11 Community Heroes could join our Summit for the very first time
  • all bridgebuilders who led and co-facilitated our workshops, namely Richard, Thomas, Curdin, Falko, Jorge, Arlette, Beni, Christine and Ursi.
  • Jubla Basel for lending us all their equipment to run outdoor and kids activities. Figoe, you are amazing!
  • Joerg, Ursi and Marcel from Swisscom for a beautiful surprise and IT present for our Community Heroes
  • Phibs from AVIVA for lending us his two most precious beamers
  • many many more whom we are thankful for this inspiring event!

We had a great time with you at the Summit. Thank you to your numerous contributions and outstanding commitment! We see you at our 2020 Summit from May 14-17, 2020!

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