24 crazy faces in module 2

CAP10 Team Khovd makes crazy faces at the end of module 2

Following the successful kick off of our first program with two teams in parallel, the candidates from our 10th Capability Program met for their virtual module 2. They reviewed how they had worked together as a team, where they stand with their business model and made important decisions moving towards the pitch.

Module 2 marks the 4 weeks after program start. Candidates had the chance to get to know each other, assess the needs in the target community and work together. Looking towards the pitch on July 20, they enter the next phase of the program – preparing the business plan and investor pitch.

In their feedback session on teamwork, both teams highlighted the way how they work together as a group. “I like that our structure is flat. I am learning how to work without a leader.”, comments one candidate from Team Khovd. “We had a fast start with real work. Our progress is amazing.”, comments a colleague from Team Siem Reap.

CAP10 Team Siem Reap joins in with crazy faces at the end of module 2

Assessing their current situation, both teams in the Global North discussed how they could build better ties to their counterparts in the Global South. Communication since module 1 had not worked out as anticipated. Instead of communicating with the entire Team South, Team Siem Reap decided to assign individual members of Team North to individual counterparts in Team South. Team Khovd decided to run direct video calls instead of sending messages.

Moving towards module 3, both teams came back to the drawing board, re-defined tasks and milestones and assigned themselves to working groups in a self-organized way. Follow up meetings were defined and everyone is looking forward to re-unite in 6 weeks time at Boldern, Männedorf, Switzerland.

The 4 hours passed by quickly. Both teams ended the call with a screenshot of their crazy faces. Who makes the goofiest face in your mind? We keep fingers crossed for the pitch on July 20.

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