2nd All-Staff Workshop held in Cambodia

Monika (Country Development Manager at BOOKBRIDGE) talks about education quality
Monika (Country Development Manager at BOOKBRIDGE) talks about education quality

From 6th to 8th October 2015, the 2nd BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Staff Workshop took place at BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Siem Reap. The three-day workshop outcomes will be utilized to serve as key inputs and insights for all learning centers can proceed. The meeting witnesses highly interactive discussions and fruitful results.

The purpose of the meeting was seven-fold, namely (1) to share experiences and lessons learnt amongst learnign center staff, (2) to introduce BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Vision 2020, (3) to agree on the implementation of the pilot for impact measurement, (4) to introduce BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Guidelines, (5) to reach a common understanding on ‘Quality Course Offering’, (6) to give a better understanding on library management, and (7) to get learning center’s 2016 objectives and action plans set. A total of 12 participants from all BOOKBRIDGE learning centers in Cambodia attended the workshop. This included 4 Heads of Learning Centers, 3 librarians, 1 international fellow, 3 BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia staff, and 1 Library Specialist.

The workshop has yielded satisfactory outcomes by and large. The workshop was well structured, and the activities were highly interactive and engaging. All the participating BOOKBRIDGE staff was given tools and documents which can help them with the implementation. They got reminded of the very first BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Staff Workshop conducted last year which is connected with the current one.

The participants critically reflected on and exchanged their learning center experiences and discussed potential [scalable] solutions in light of key challenges and opportunities. The BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Vision 2020 was introduced to all participating BOOKBRIDGE staff and linked to their 2016 goals. The BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Guidelines were presented to and signed by all BOOKBRIDGE staff. The BOOKBRIDGE impact measurement, “An English Teacher’s Helper” and “Bring Your Library to Life” manuals were briefly introduced to all team members as well. We gained some insights on Alexercise and English Speaking Club. The quality of course offerings was critically visualized, clarified, reflected and discussed.

The 2015 Learning Center goals set during the very first BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Staff Workshop were critically reviewed and reflected. The team of learning center Tonloab reported that their objective No 1 was achieved 100%, objective 3: 55%, and objective 4: 10%. The Takeo team reported that their objective 1 was achieved 100%, objective 2: 10%, and objective 5: 10%. The team of Siem Reap learning center reported that their objective 1 was achieved 70%, objective 2: 0% and objective 5: 0%. Learning center Angtasom team reported that their objective 2 was achieved 40%, objective 3: 90%, objective 5: 45%. However, they still have 3 more months to go to complete the implementation of their 2015 goals. Last, but certainly not least, the 2016 Learning Center goals including quality-related ones were also set, critically discussed and linked to the BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Vision 2020.

Both positive and constructive feedback for the workshop was shared by the participants via evaluation forms. 65% is the average result of the regression of feedback on the level of participants’ satisfaction with the workshop.

The next steps after the workshop are follow ups during the weekly Head of Learning Center meetings. All participating Heads of Learning Centers signed and agreed to implement the Learning Center Guidelines. The BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia team will assist the centers with the implementation of the Guidelines. The BOOKBRIDGE impact assessment is to be scheduled to be conducted at each center. The BOOKBRIDGE impact measurement is to be rolled out. The teacher and library manuals are to be translated by Country Manager Assistant Ra and implemented at all learning centers. The 2016 Learning Center goals are to be finalized and executed by all centers. All BOOKBRIDGE staff is to prepare for the 3rd BOOKBRIDGE Staff Workshop in 6 months’ time. The meeting ended with a very positive climate, and everyone seemed to have got informed and ready to be supportive and collaborative as well as to thrive on challenges ahead.

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