2nd WHU General Management Plus Program kicked off successfully!

The participants of the 2nd General Management Plus Program with WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Economics
The participants of the 2nd General Management Plus Program with WHU

What an exciting kick-off workshop for our new team of candidates who will turn our existing library in Siem Reap into a learning center operating as a social business. For the second time, BOOKBRIDGE joins hands with WHU, Germany‘s leading business school to offer an innovative leadership development program. Candidates learn state-of-the art general management skills and directly apply them as entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

On November 21, candidates gathered for Module 1 at WHU‘s new campus in Düsseldorf, Germany. During the kick-off workshop, they were introduced to our mission to contribute to create a new generation of leaders in Europe and Asia. Candidates grew together as a team and developed an understanding of the challenge they face. In virtual sessions, they hooked up with Cambodian tandem partners. Candidates also met GMP1 Alumni in a speed dating to share key learnings. Finally, they developed a joint vision and defined their first steps in their entrepreneurial learning journey to Cambodia! Candidates are supported by Janine Kleidorfer, Leadership Coach at WHU. Carsten and Emilie facilitated the sessions as CEO and Business Coach.

The GMP2 Team faces the challenge to transform our current library situated in a high school in Siem Reap with 5,000 students into a self-financial learning center that enables the students to read, learn, and improve their possibilities to build a better future. The team will travel to Cambodia in May 2015 to implement the new business model in Siem Reap. The market for education there is highly competitive and the team will have to excel in creating an unique offering and impact.

The GMP2 team is composed of 10 candidates, ranging from corporates to foundation to individuals. They build upon several years of work experience and various backgrounds such as management, sales, IT, finance, engineering, strategy, public relations. We are glad to welcome for the first time one candidate from Turkey and one candidate from Belarus. Our bridgebuilders become more and more international!

Until February 2015, candidates will work in virtual teams on understanding the needs of the local community, assessing the environment as well as organizing the project. The next physical meeting will take place in February in Düsseldorf to define the business model and prepare the presentation of their business plan to their investor in March 2015.

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