30,000 books – UK Scouts in Action!

2014 UK Sorting EventWhat do 20 scouts from 2nd East London Scout Group do with 30,000 books in just 3 days? They setup a camp and turn them into 13 pallets full of educational opportunities for children and young adults in Cambodia. Carsten joined them and was so much impressed by the support and engagement by UK Scouts.

Following our big sorting event in East London last year, the 2nd East London Scout Group became our official BOOKBRIDGE Hub for the UK earlier this year. Under the leadership of Vicky and Kay, scouts across London collected English children and picture books for our learning centers in Cambodia.

From July 25 to 28, 20 scouts and book champions from the UK, Netherlands and Germany met at Hargreaves Scout Camp Site in Romford. Within just 3 days, we managed to sort 30,000 books, resulting in 13 pallets full of educational opportunities for our next two new learning centers in Cambodia.

The atmosphere was amazing. Cups and scouts asked a lot of questions on Cambodia and the way our centers work. Everyone was eager to help and contribute. The camp site turned out to be a great venue as everyone was able to sleep, eat and have fun there for the entire event.

On Sunday morning, 13 pallets with a total of 21,631 books were ready to be shipped to Cambodia. We would like to thank Vicky, Kay, Tracie, Mark, Alan, John, Willem, Roxana, all cups and beavers for their hard work as well as Fiona and many other parents who filled our stomaches with delicious food.

One thing got clear: we will continue. Vicky already has the next sorting event in mind. We are proud of our partnership and look forward to deepen our relationship with scouts from the UK in the future.

A big thank you also goes to Kev, Darren, Bart, Willem for their support in handling logistics as well as Britannica for their generous donation of media material. It is great to have you all on board!

For more pictures on the event, please visit our Facebook Picture Album.

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