3rd Capability Program: Ready to Start!

Capability Program team at Takeo
A picture from this springs Capability Program

On July 5, our 3rd Capability Program will start. Target country is Cambodia. We are looking forward to our participants, among others from renown organizations like SwissRe, NordStream, Contexta and FWTH Chur.

Following our successful pilots with Kuehne + Nagel, HILTI UK and PwC Switzerland, we start our 3rd Capability Program on July 4 at Hub Zurich. Emerging leaders face the challenge to conceptualize and implement a learning center as social business in Cambodia. During 6 months, they work together closely with local partners.

In our team, Martina is currently heading the preparations for the start of the program. In close cooperation with Cambodian scouts, we received very positive response from Ang Tasom as target community in Southern Cambodia. The local government there is ready to support the project as well.

In the course of the part-time program, participants learn top management and leadership skills. In a real business impact project, they apply their skills as real entrepreneurs. Heike Rudolf von Rohr, executive coach at TGC, accompanies them on their personal leadership journey.

The 3rd Capability Program starts on July 5 and includes 15 days full of experiential learning split over 6 months: 7 days at Hub Zurich and 8 days in Cambodia. For 2014, we are planning to conduct two more open programs. Are you interested? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact Carsten.

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