3rd GMP kicked off successfully – to Sri Lanka!

Both teams in Sri Lanka and Europe share their vision for the learning center
A magical moment – both teams in Sri Lanka and Europe share their vision for the learning center and light a Sri Lankan Oil Lamp at the same time
We are excited about the successful kickoff of our 3rd WHU General Management Plus Program (GMP+). Over the next 6 months, a team of 14 candidates from Europe will work together with 7 candidates from Sri Lanka to create a community-based learning center in Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. For the first time, the modules do not only take place at our partner’s campus, WHU in Düsseldorf, but also in Sri Lanka, guided by business coach Eranda Ginige from Social Enterprise Lanka.

Last week, the 14 candidates gathered for module 1 of the program at WHU Campus in Düsseldorf. The seven Sri Lankan candidates met in the community of Bandarawela and joined virtually. During this kick-off workshop, they got to know BOOKBRIDGE, its team members and their business challenge while integrating strategic and business tools for the creation of a new venture. Candidates grew together as a team and started to develop a joint vision and business model. They got to meet GMP+ alumni in a speed dating to share their impressions and key learnings. Finally they defined their next steps and organised their research phase in that entrepreneurship journey to Sri Lanka!

The business challenge is to create Sujitha’s learning center for the community in Bandarawela. Until mid-March, candidates will work in virtual teams on understanding the needs of the local community, assessing the market and environment as well as organising the project and building their team. In a virtual module 2, they will finalize the business plan for the learning center and pitch it to investor HILTI FOUNDATION in module 3. Implementation follows on-site in Sri Lanka in June. This will also be the first time when both teams meet physically after five months of virtual teamwork. Finally they will assess their first impact and key learnings from the program during module 5 in July.

The GMP+ Team at WHU Campus Düsseldorf
The GMP+ Team at WHU Campus Düsseldorf
The teamis composed by 21 candidates from organizations like Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Bertelsmann, Evonik, Metro, Henkel as well as individuals from academic, private and governmental organizations. Their origins are Germany, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Romania, India, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, China and Poland. The team is supported by Emilie Barrallon and Eranda Ginige as business coaches in Europe and Sri Lanka.

The next WHU General Management Plus Program is scheduled to start in January 2017. Feel free to read more or contact Carsten at carsten [at] bookbridge.org if you are interested in participating.

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