4th Capability Program Team met for last module at Leuenberg

The CAP4 team revising the achievements of its project
The CAP4 team revising the achievements of its project

Following the implementation of their social business in Mongolia, the team of our 4th Capability Program met for their last module at Leuenberg, a small retreat close to the Swiss city of Basel. The Team can be proud of what they have achieved since the start of the program in April. They changed the life of our Community Hero Battuul and setup a learning center in the community of Dalanzadgad, South Gobi, Mongolia.

Over two days, the team handed over remaining open issues to Battuul and her team as well as assessed the impact they had created on a project, team and personal level. Following the opening of the learning center on September 26, Battuul currently offers 4 different courses. Revenues in October amount USD 680. Business Coach Joanna Hafenmayer from MyImpact accompanied the team on the grounding Mongolia. The team has grown considerably over the last 6 months and candidates reflected on their personal learnings with Leadership Coach Boris Billing.

The official end of the Capability Program marks the start of a post-learning experience for our 10 freshly-baked Alumnis. They will receive monthly impact reports from their learning center, e-mentor our Community Heroes in Mongolia and join our Community of BridgeBuilders. We are proud to see Annette, Tatjana, Louise, Roxana, Simon, Neil, Craig, Brendan and Tim join our Family. A warm welcome to all of you!

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