4th GMP+ Program successfully kicked off to Sainshand!

Batchimeg presents her vision during module 1
Batchimeg presents her vision during module 1
We are excited about the successful kick-off of our 4th WHU General Management Plus Program (GMP+). Over the next six months, a team of 11 candidates from Europe will work together with five candidates from Mongolia to create a community-based learning center in Sainshand, Mongolia. For the first time the prospective Community Hero joined the European team for program module 1. Great to have you had with us, Batchimeg!

Future Community Hero Batchimeg was for sure the most special guest at WHU campus when the team came together last week. The 11 candidates from Germany conducted module 1 of the program together with Batchimeg while the Mongolian module 1 had taken place already early January to ensure that Batchimeg can participate in both modules.

The team had four days of intense theory and practice: On day 1 it was briefed on BOOKBRIDGE and its mission, on the social business concept and on the way how they will be working together as a virtual team. Leadership coach Heike Rudolph von Rohr worked with them on team building and leadership perceptions. Day 2 and day 3 were dedicated to theoretical management lectures and on day 4 the gained knowledge could be applied right away: Business coach Emilie Barrallon challenged the team to create a joint vision for Batchimeg’s learning center in Sainshand. And as Batchimeg was present she could report the European team directly what vision the Mongolian team had developed during their module 1. A much more easy, personal and fun way to evolve a joint vision!

Celebrating the joint vision with traditional Mongolian shawls
Celebrating the joint vision with traditional Mongolian shawls
Besides Batchimeg’s reporting the Mongolian team joint virtually and in the end the team stated the vision of letting arise an exciting place for the community of Sainshand to improve life conditions and develop future opportunities. They celebrated the joint vision with a Mongolian Hadag – a Mongolian tradition to celebrate big events. And the teams had decided: This is a major event!

The participants will now start to work together in virtual teams to further investigate the needs of the people in Sainshand. The will meet again virtually for module 2 at the end of February and in person for module 3 in the end of March to pitch their plans to the investor and gain the required money for the learning center.

Batchimeg spent another week in Germany at FIS to get some training in library management and teaching methodologies.

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