A buzzing pitch from the CAP13 Team

CAP13 bees celebrating a successful pitch.


The CAP13 team pitched last week to their investor and received the funds needed to start their social enterprise in Orange Farm, South Africa. Congratulations! The business is around beekeeping and honey; and by creating a network of beekeepers, offering trainings and support, and assuring a fair and quality product, the team has the vision to see a blossoming community in Orange Farm where every person believes in their future.


Writing the Business Plan and starting the preparation for the pitch was done virtually. Last time the team met in person was for Module 1 (Oct 24-26, 2018) and it’s amazing how much they have accomplished in this short time. Besides, working virtually and with people from so many different countries and cultures is never easy, but this team has shown great commitment and with a lot of passion they have achieved amazing things.

Last Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019, eleven team members met in person for Module 3, which took place in Zurich, Switzerland. Keitu, the Community Hero, and the rest of the South African team members, even though not present physically they were definitely present by heart and were anxiously waiting to hear the investor’s answer.

In this 3-day module, the team not only pitched but also started working in the implementation plan. The last day of the module was more about reflection, with Boris Billing, the leadership coach, the team shared about their personal journeys and charged some energy for what is to come.  Now, is all about execution!  Getting the funds was only the first big milestone, and now the business plan has to become a reality which means the team has a lot to do before they travel to South Africa in March. But with the great team spirit, passion, commitment, and the support from Santiago Mayo, the business coach, the team will definitely do it. They have already started the implementation process with testing the product, and we are looking forward to seeing how this project develops in the next days.

We keep fingers crossed for this team and their social enterprise in Orange Farm!

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