A fellow big in size and heart

Linda and Lkhama
Linda and Lkhama
Lkamsuren “Lkhama” Erdenedash is Community Hero in Murun, Mongolia. For the last months, she was supported by BOOKBRIDGE fellow Linda. In this article she writes about her time with Linda.

Having supportive somebody next to you who always tries to say “YES” except my husband is very helpful and safe.

When I first heard that I would have a fellow who is very big in size and in her heart, I was so happy. Because if somebody asks me “Could you work for somebody without any salary?” what would I answer in back, I really do not know about it. It requires a lot of generiosity and patience in my opinion. Do I have these kinds of personal character and ability?
Our first day started on the ice like a glass of the freshest lake in Mongolia, Khuvsgul and we were enjoyed that day, under very bright sun and on very frozen ice. It was 3rd of March, 2018 and from that day, our co-working has started.

After that Saturday at the Lake Khuvsgul, we had worked together almost every day, from 10am until 6pm; sometimes until 7pm, except Sunday.

From Monday to Saturday, we had English classes and on Saturday after class, we also had Super Saturday which is free and which is supposed to spend the time funny and memorable. I think that I would have that Super Duper Saturday during next Academic year from September to activate myself and students. Because making somebody happy makes me happy too however I am exhausted from nonstop English classes on weekdays.

Linda practiced students' speaking skills
Linda practiced students’ speaking skills
We used to plan whole week: what shall we do, what shall we arrange, what shall we discuss, what shall we plan, where shall we go and when shall we relax. Linda was very good at planning the things and I am sure that it is one of her FAVOURITE thing TO DO in her life. Without planning, our fellowship program would be a disaster which would give us huge loss.

Since she arrived in Murun, our English classes started to focus on speaking, not only on writing, reading or listening which means very good. Students were very enjoyed about having her, playing with her, speaking to her, wrestling with her, creating with her handcrafts, celebrating Easter with her , hiking with her, visiting the Amusement park with her, cooking a hamburger with her and taking photos with her. I enjoyed it very much but more than that, I have understood that having somebody whom you could trust and rely on when you need it very much is one of the necessary things in human life.

Linda visited Lkhama's family
Linda visited Lkhama’s family
We have worked on 2 curriculums for beginners and post beginners based on my students’ age to make me know where I am going and what point I am aiming to which I really need. Also, we have participated Plastic Reduction competition among Bookbridge learning centers, by creating a video named “Say No to plastic bottles” with our students. The most important things which came out during the video making process were:
• Students learned to work in a team;
• Students learned to brainstorm and discuss issues together;
• Students learned to try to find a way to discuss the problem;
• Students learned to see the things from positive angles;
• Students learned to help each other;
• Students learned to listen to each other and patience;
• Students learned that they could assure others and influence others if their idea and process are positive and effective;
• I have learned how to manage and guide project based learning among the students

Yes, there are so many things to mention about video making process and the happiest moment was the news from Monika “ Lkhamaa took 2nd place” at the Summit in Germany after more than 4-week-co work. It went successful! If we did not have Linda, we would not take 2nd place, you can be sure!

Linda helped Lkhama with many student activities
Linda helped Lkhama with many student activities
During her stay in Murun, she had visited almost every place with and without me: even the only one garbage point at the southern part of Murun. We had celebrated Women day which is very new for her and Easter day which is very new for me all together.

We had visited secondary school with our little volunteer students and colorful books on every 11th of March and April to have “Fun English” free activity day. We had chosen 6th and 7th graders, had introduced our organization, had read books, had played games and had a lot of fun together. Kids enjoy learning by playing and having fun. Our students now still talking about Linda, what was her games she taught us and what kinds of things we did together in only 2-month-period. It also inspired me to do this activity with my little students-I feel that I have reliable helpers every time, my students.

Time flew away like a bird when we were together, doing these activities. Also we had spent a lot of evenings together with my friends, her friends and my family.
I could say that Linda made me understand how to manage the class and activities more effective and how to plan and schedule things in order to make my everyday life easier. She had helped me much more than I supposed!

She is so kind, supportive patient and nonstop TOO tall beautiful lady. She made myself tired of the question WHY every time. But in reality, it is the most important question to understand each other and each other’s idea, I have found. Finally, I want to say that having reliable and supportive one just behind you is SO WONDERFUL.


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