A Great Opportunity to Practice Leadership

Albert with children in Angtasom, Cambodia
Albert with children in Angtasom, Cambodia
Albert Grossmaier participated in the Capability Program that led to the opening of our fifth Cambodian learning center. This learning center is based on a completely new approach – and Albert was part of the process of creating its business plan as well as implementing it on-site in Cambodia. We talked to Albert about his experiences.

Albert, why did you participate in the Capability Program?
I joined the Capability Program because it is a great opportunity to practice leadership since the program is all about learning by doing and I was very positive about the social and sustainable character of the project. The more the project progresses, the more I learn what this means in the sense of a positive impact we generate and how inspirational this is.

You developed a business plan for the learning center. What was the biggest challenge?
To find the right point in time between keeping our minds open and to focus on a business model that the team is convinced of and has a strong belief being it the right one. Each one of us has to balance their desire to contribute to many subjects and to trust others that they can do at least as good.

From your point of view, what are the critical milestones in making the mobile learning center a success in the future?
The most critical milestone is to find the person who is can run the business successfully. Another important milestone is when the mobile learning center reaches self-sustainability, which should be around 15 months after its opening. Underlying a realistic scenario this should happen when the learning center is able to open the third location. To achieve this it is essential that the community, the customers honor the offering and find it of adequate quality.

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