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We love BOOKBRIDGE - donate and support our learning centers in Asia
We love BOOKBRIDGE – donate for our learning center in Takeo!

“Help us and support the BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Takeo, Cambodia!” Susann and Marco appeal for donations for the learning center they worked at last year as BOOKBRIDGE fellows.

We, Susann and Marco, have supported the BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Takeo, Cambodia from January to June 2013. The learning center is still dear to our heart. We are still in contact with the team and they keep us informed what happens in the center.

Our support for the learning center continues and it is our heart’s desire to bring it forward. The goal is to keep it an institution children and youth can use, to make ist financially independent and to enable it to pay fair salaries to its Cambodian employees. It is important for us to build a restroom for the children, youth and employees. At the same time, the learning center has an outdoor area we would like to us for a small playground making the center more attractive for children.

To do so we rely on your donations! We promise that every Euro, Swiss Frank, Dollar will completely be invested in this project. We continue to manage this project on a voluntary base and will visit the center in 2015 to get a personal impression of the implementation. We take care of both projects from afar and will ensure that also the Cambodian side will look after the set-up of the bathroom and the playground.

Marco with students from Takeo
Learning is always fun: Marco with students at the learning center

We are thankful for every donation, be it big or small. Please tell your family and friends about this project. The faster we have collected the money the sooner the construction works can begin.
In the name of the children and youth we thank you for your support!

You can make your donation by visiting the project’s site on betterplace.org.

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