A new program, in a new country and with a new coach

CAP13 team in Module 1
CAP13 team in Module 1, with Christina and Bea.

A new program started! And we are not only excited about starting a new program but also because we are going to a new country and we have a new business coach.

CAP13 is our first Capability Program going to South Africa, and the team has the challenge to develop a social enterprise in Orange Farm, a township located 45km from Johannesburg. BOOKBRIDGE South Africa is represented by Dorah and Christina, two GSE2 alumni who co-founded the Kekirawa Learning Center in Sri Lanka, and are also running a social enterprise in Johannesburg, the Green Business College.


The 11 CAP13 candidates will support Keitu, the Community Hero, in developing a social enterprise that will bring opportunities to Orange Farm, they will work together with 7 local candidates, and will be accompanied by business coach Santigo Mayo and leadership coach Boris Billig. Santiago is a CAP10 alumni and this is his first program as a coach. We were very proud to see Santiago in action during the first module, his high energy and high-speed agenda was very well balanced with Boris’ reflection day.

During Module 1, which took place from October 23  to 26 in Zurich, the team also met the local candidates virtually. The goal was to develop a common vision and to start prototyping. Now, in their virtual meetings, the team is focusing in the community needs assessment to get ready for Module 2, when they will have to decide which concept they will pitch in front of the investor in Module 3.

We keep fingers crossed for this team and their challenge!

CAP13 during Module 1.
CAP13 Team sharing stories in the bonfire.







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