A School Day in Mongolia

Batmend from Zavkhan
Narantsatsral with her homework and books at home

Narantsatsral Batmend is a student from Zavkhan, Northwest Mongolia. As Narantsatsral very frequently visits our education center in Zavkhan, we asked her to describe a day in her life. Narantsatsral wrote the text all by herself. For westerners, her words might sound a little lofty. This is partly due to Mongolian culture but partly just the way Narantsatsral likes to express herself.

A new day of human life begins with warm light of the sun. It is the morning of an autumn warm day. The people, walking in the street, are hurrying to somewhere, may be to their works and schools.

I got up early in the morning and had my breakfast. Then I combed my hair and went to my school, carrying my brown bag. My name is Narantsatsral Batmend. I am 16 years old. I study at the 10th grade of the secondary school “Chandmani Erdene” in Zavkhan province. There are three members in my family. I am an only child of my parents. My father is Batmend. He works at the Children’s Center of the province as the chairman. My mother is Ulziiduuren. She works at the Social insurance department. My parents are very kind and intelligent people. They always assist me in planning my future life, doing my homework and being a “genuine” individual. Indeed, they are my friends, advisors and partners. I love my parents too much.

I am the best student of the school. I am interested in English language class and I take active and successful participation in the competitions and Olympiads organized throughout the province and region. My long term goal is to acquire high quality education in a highly developed country, the USA, majoring in international journalism and diplomacy. I like to read and study Britannica encyclopedia, the world history and some cognitive and fictional books. Reading, singing and dancing are my hobbies.

After attending in my classes at the school, I went to my home and had my lunch. Then I left my home in a hurry. Because, the librarian of the foreign language faculty’s library and some foreign volunteers are to organize an English Club activity at the school in the afternoon.

There is a foreign man named Solomon. He is a member of our club and is a very kind person. He speaks English very well. He taught the club members how to prepare a Korean traditional meal called “kimbab” and we had wonderful discussion in English at the club. In addition Solomon told us an interesting story about his country’s tradition, history and custom and sang his country’s traditional folk song to us. I am glad to spend such wonderful times with my friends and members of English club, besides improving my English language knowledge.

The library, newly established in our province, is an educational institute which donates valuable contribution to improving English language knowledge of the locals who are eager to learn English. Indeed, in my opinion, it supports the first step of the children and youths who want to learn English, the international language – the world language. I spent most of my leisure time in the library.
Various clubs, circles, out-door-activities and elementary and intermediate level English trainings are organized in the library. I always take active participation in the events. The people spend their leisure time in a proper manner in the library. Indeed it has already become the place where people like to visit. Absolutely all the children thank to the foreign brothers and sisters who established such beautiful and valuable library in Mongolia, especially, an isolated place Zavkhan province.
I am confident that I could do all my best in order to donate my contribution to the development of my country, making my dream come true.

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