A Visit to the Zoo

Sreydieb with her students
Sreydieb with her students
In Mid-August, learning center Takeo (Cambodia) took a trip to the zoo. Community Hero Sreydieb Long writes about the event.

On 16th August, we started our trip to Tamoa zoo with 34 students, a monk and two teachers. On the long the way to Tamoa we play some games, spelling bee, chain story and sing songs competing. The trip was supported by initiation fund of BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia and by our partner Free The Bears Organization.

We visited the old temples in Tamoa pagoda while waiting for the organization staff. We met the people from Free the Bears who brought us to the show room and the office and gave an introduction to the bears in the zoo: the big bear is call “The MOON” and the small bear “The SUN”, where they live, how they were brought here, what food they eat. In the show room we could see the bears and other wild animals. Then we had time to ask and answer the questions to make sure that our students were paying attention.

Presentation by Free the Bears
Presentation by Free the Bears
After having the wildlife introduction, the guide brought us around to see the other animals in the zoo and introduced us to their daily life and how they live. The students really enjoyed seeing the animals.

The most joyful time was when we had a delicious lunch together with the staff, teachers and students organized by Free the Bears in their her office in the zoo. After that we saw several other animals, among them monkeys, crocodiles, tigers, lions, snakes and elephants.

This way, the students learned more about BOOKBRIDGE, our stakeholders and partners, and could learn about what teamwork, social live means and how to behave in front of other people. We would like to say thank you to BOOKBRIDGE for providing the funds for the trip, to our country manage for coordinating this event and to Free the Bears for offering this trip and give us a warm welcome!

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