A visitor from Malaysia

Khmer girls looking at a computer
Girls at Siem Reap learning center discover English materials on the computer

Priya is one of the volunteers that support our learning center in Siem Reap. In this blog post she writes about her experience at the center.

Hi, I’m Priya from Malaysia and I have been teaching Malay and Mathematics to primary school children. My teaching philosophy is we learn best when we are having fun and our minds are engaged constructively. I have been volunteering at Bookbridge Learning Center in Siem Reap since 6 February this year. My main tasks as a volunteer here are to offer educational activities and teaching English to students. During my teaching at the learning center, I have strived to reach out to the Khmer children by engaging them in interactive ESL games. In addition to this, we have done countless exercises in various English workbooks to reinforce the grammar aspects of English.

I am aware that English is highly essential for some jobs, especially in the growing tourism industry in Cambodia. Hence, developing and mastering English language proficiency is vital for the youths of Cambodia.

I am delighted to say that volunteering at Bookbridge Siem Reap has been an eye opener in immeasurable ways. I will be eternally grateful for the graciousness of the Bookbridge staff and About Asia Schools personnel for a very memorable stint here at the Siem Reap learning centre. Most of all, I hope that I have contributed positively to the children’s learning of English during my stay here.