Additional Course Offerings at Bookbridge Learning Center Takeo

Stanley receives a certificate for his help
Sokoeurn Touchs hands a certificate of appreciation to Stanley as a memorable souvenir to thank him for his kind support
During a two-month volunteering at the BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Takeo, Cambodia, as a consultant, Stanley Maleski did not only provide the local team with advice on course marketing strategy, but helped to figure out ways to overcome challenges the local team is currently facing – attracting more course participants.

After a series of consultative sessions with Sokhan, BOOKBRIDGE Country Manager for Cambodia and the Head of Takeo Learning Center, Stanley came up with a report on development and marketability study which describes ten classes identifying as potential course offerings for the learning center and provides a simple effective study of the feasibility and market potential for each course. Based on methods of criteria and evaluation as well as feasibility of ranking potential courses, three out of the ten identified courses are considered as additional courses offering at the learning center. They consist of Khmer Language for expats, Conversational English for students needing to improve conversational spoken English and Conversational English to get a job for university students. However, our Head of Learning Center decided to prioritize Conversational English for students needing to improve conversational spoken English as a new paid course offering.

With the strong support and intensive involvement from Stanley, a content of two-and-half-month summer courses have been developed and is ready to start. As planned, the new paid course offering was started in mid July this year with a number of students signed up.

Unfortunately, Stanley had to leave Bookbridge before the course is completed, but his involvement in the first two week really contributed to the progress of the new course offering. We very much appreciate his effort in making this course running.

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