All-Staff Training in Mongolia

Teachers and English teachers attended as well the Mongolian all-staff training
Teachers and English teachers attended as well
The All staff training was successfully held at Chinggis learning center in Khentii province, Mongolia. This was the 12th training for the all learning centers staff organized in Mongolia since 2012.

The training took place in our Chinggis learning center. The center was set up by community hero Ankhiluun together with GSE1 Team in 2015. Ankhiluun has built up a sustainable learning center and reached out to thousands of community members; as of today 344 students have studied English and Korean language at the center.

The All-Staff training was a challenge for the team traveling to the learning center at -30 Celsius, or sometimes more than that during the coldest week in Mongolia. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was warming with a team reunion, excitement and eagerness to share and to learn new things.

During one of the workshops
During one of the workshops
We together defined our priorities in 2018 such as organizing the joint program “BOOKBRIDGE students summer camp” and “English festival”, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Arvaikheer learning center, enabling the peer-to-peer support among community heroes, studying TESOL course to improve teaching skill and increasing the community engagement.

In the Quality session, the community heroes did a self-assessment in terms of quality where their learning centers are now and compared the development with the result of one year ago, identified their goals in quality improvement in 2018.

Additionally, we discussed in different workshops topics such as impact of the learning centers, volunteering, risk management in terms of child protection, the success stories from the community heroes and challenges that they are facing.

All Community Heroes participated in All-staff training
All Community Heroes participated
We are thankful for having Linda as a fellow with us and we much appreciated the valuable inputs by her to our training. She presented teaching methods and the activity bank, a platform of activities and resource materials that English teachers can use which she has worked on since she started her fellowship in Mongolia. The activity bank got very positive feedback from community heroes.

The community heroes organized an event with English teachers from the public schools in the Chinggis community to encourage and inspire them to collaborate with Bookbridge learning center. We hope the year 2018 will be another great year for our learning centers with a lot of achievements and improvements.

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