Micro Learning Centers

BOOKBRIDGE Micro Learning Centers were started in March 2015. They consist of one small central learning center in Angroka, Cambodia and several mobile ones in the surroundings. With these Micro Learning Centers, we can serve rural community members with courses and library services. Courses combine modern technologies like tablets and traditional teaching materials. A tuk-tuk (typical Cambodian vehicle) picks up teachers and teaching material, takes them to the courses at the different micro learning centers and picks them up afterwards.

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Sothika Khoeun
Head of Learning Center


Sreyphors Meak
English Teacher


Kakada Lam
English Teacher


Chankanha Siem
English Teacher (part-time)


Pros Prum
English Teacher (part-time)


Sreylen Vann
English Teacher (part-time)


Vattey Net
English Teacher (part-time)


Sos Eum
BookTuk Driver and Maintainer

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Cambodia Scouts

Cambodia Scouts


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Robert Matth

Robert Matthäus-Maier

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BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Angroka
Ang Roka Primary School (building D)
Prey Romduol Village
Trapeang Thom Khang Tbong Commune
Tramkak District, Takeo Province
Phone: +097 796 1719
Email: takeo.mobile@bookbridge.org


Cherish our Founders and Alumni

CAP5-group-picture-Mobile-Learning-Center1-400x246Angroka Learning Center was set up as part of our 5th Capability Program from October 2014 to May 2015. Credits go to Albert Grossmaier, Alexander P. Dobreff Wirz, Carola Falk, Jorge Morais Gomez, Martin Gysi, Martina Klose, Martina Krepelka, Pavle Belanovic, Raphael Raetzo, Robert Erdin, Rok Sekolec, Ursula Darmstaedter and Yves Ackermann. Thank you all for your incredible work!

Besides, the following local partners greatly helped us to set up the learning center:
Tuon Siphann, Lak Sam At and Em Piseth | Cambodia Scouts
Siv Sokarn, Meas Phon | Takeo Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sports
Tith Saret | Tram Kak District Education Office
Chhem Ek | Ang Roka Primary School

Robert Erdin | Fellow | February 2015 – August 2015