Arvaikheer Learning Center is awarded as Outstanding Library

The learning center's students took care of their booth
The learning center’s students took care of their booth

Learning center Arvaikheer is BOOKBRIDGE’s first learning center. Located east of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, it has become an important element of the province’s educational landscape. In this blog post Uuganaa Gantumur, Community Hero in Arvaikheer, writes about the award her learning center received for wide variety of books.

Our first activity of this quarter was to advocate the upcoming academic year to our community. Many students and local community members were interested to know more about BOOKBRIDGE events. So we decided to take part in the “Rare Book Exhibit” at the aimag’s (province) central square. Public schools, libraries, and twelve local organizations presented interesting books. Some of our students presented our books wearing BOOKBRIDGE t-shirts and explaining the book’s long trip from Europe (where they had been collected) to Mongolia. The purpose was to help Mongolian students to improve their English communication skills in order to gain better chances in a global society.

Many people from Arvaikheer passed by the booth to discover the book offerings
Many people from Arvaikheer passed by the booth to discover the book offerings

Visitors were very interested in our story and surprised about the wide variety of books: cartoons, children books, picture books, nonfiction books and more. At the same time, we registered members for our library. Over 300 people visited the exhibition.

The book both at the book fair in Arvaikheer
A lot of students helped at the book booth

Due to the generous book donations from Europe, our learning center finally became recognized as a library with rare and interesting books. It was a great encouragement not only for BOOKBRIDGE Arvaikheer but also for BOOKBRIDGE as an international NGO that has contributed a lot to our community. This award is a strong validation of our hard work, dedication, and youth development. Congratulations to our Bridgebuilders and champions!

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