Arvaikheer Publishes Book

BLOG_Traffic bookOur learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia has published its first book! The book teaches young people about traffic safety and helps them to train their English at the same time.

“You need to know about it” is the first book published by one of our learning centers. Designed as a non-fiction book about traffic safety, all texts are in English and contain vocabulary and exercises. The idea for this project had Uugantsetseg, project manager of BOOKBRIDGE education center in Arvaikheer. Her husband died after a car accident and she wrote the book hoping that its readers will learn to be safe while traveling and help prevent future accidents.

BLOG_Traffic book 2The book has information about different types of transportation around the world and provides additional information about transportation safety and statistics. Each topic has translated words and word games with answers for self study. The text uses vocabulary with translated meanings to describe the word in Mongolian. At the end of the book there are some important questions about key topics on vehicle accidents.

BLOG_Traffic book 3The book is a great way for students to practice by using word puzzles by taking vocabulary from the text to provide a fun challenge. It is illustrated with colorful pictures drawn by Bilegjargal Saikhanbayar, a 10th grade student of Arvaikheer and an active member of Bookbridge. The book can be used by English learners in the classroom or for self study.

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