Arvaikheer student wins scholarship to the US

Uyangaa with her teacher Uuganaa
Uyangaa with her teacher Uuganaa
BOOKBRIDGE learning centers focus on enhancing the life chances in their communities by providing high-quality education to young people. Uyanga, student at Arvaikheer learning center in Mongolia, has won a scholarship to the U.S. after attending English training at the center.

Who are you?
I am Uyanga or U. Not “you”, just U! I am a volunteer student at BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia. I am 11th grader. It is my sixth year of being part of BOOKBRIDGE.

I have heard you are going to study abroad?
That is true. Now I am studying at a US high school. I am here as an FLEX exchange student. After my exchange year finishes, I will go back to Mongolia.

How did you get accepted for the scholarship program?
FLEX is a culture exchange program. At this time last year, I saw a post on Facebook which my teacher had shared. At first, I was interested in doing the exam but I was afraid. My teacher, Uuganaa, encouraged me a lot. Then I went to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, to do the exam. FLEX program exam has 3 rounds. I passed all of them. So I am here. All high school students can do the exam.

When did you start learning English?
I started learning English when I was in 5th grade. In Mongolian education system, students learn English in 5th grade. My classmates were so good at English, they could speak, talk and understand English very well. But I was the worst.
Then I heard from one of my friends about BOOKBRIDGE learning center. I talked my parents about studying there. Then I met Uuganaa, the teacher. She was so great. She gave me a huge hug and high-five. That made me more confident. The summer after when I had graduated from fifth grade, my journey began. The journey named BOOKBRIDGE.

What impact did BOOKBRIDGE have on your study journey and on you? There are many things to name. BOOKBRIDGE offers many opportunities to students. We have equal chances to develop. BOOKBRIDGE didn’t do these things only for me. She does for everyone. So LOOK AT YOUR CHANCES AND USE THEM! Of course I learnt English. But I have figured out more measurable things than just English. I found friends, realized how life is amazing with my favorite people and the most important part is I reached my goal. I like saying BOOKBRIDGE is not only an English training center. It is about learning about life. I appreciate BOOKBRIDGE all the time. It showed me the huge world I had never been to. It provided me a lot of chances. I love BOOKBRIDGE.

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  • Doris says:

    great! Thank you for sharing that.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Loredana Mazzoleni Neglen says:

    Hi U!

    Congratulations on this great achievement and to Uuganaa for the support! I am sure you will enjoy the experience and look forward to your updates of your journey.

    Take care and ciao,

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