Arvaikheer Students selected for Stipend Program

The young Mongolians elected for the stipend program
The young Mongolians elected for the stipend program
Our learning centers aim at providing high-quality education offerings to the local community. Though this is not always an easy task, there are many examples that show that our efforts are successful. One of them comes from Mongolia: five students from Arvaikheer learning center have been selected for a national stipend program.

Two organisations, Zorig Foundation and Khaan bank organize the “Mongolian Young Scholars” program. The program focusses on students from 10 and 11 grades for the past few years. On a national level, 30 students with a high level of English and the willingness to study overseas are selected. They will attend trainings that are provided by teachers from Harvard and Stanford universities at a children summer camp in Nairamdal.

The trainings aim at showing Mongolian students on how to prepare for studying at international universities. Students from the BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Arvaikheer have successfully participated in the program so that a growing number of students has been elected since the foundation of the center: two students in 2011, one student in 2012, four students in 2013 and five students in 2014. The students and their teachers are very proud about this achievement and so are we as this shows that our learning centers are on a good way to offering high-quality education to young people.

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