Bandarawela improves its Quality thanks to Quality Improvement Fund

The young students at Kahagalla were very motivated
The young students at Kahagalla were very motivated
Our learning center in Bandarwela, Sri Lanka has largely profited from our Quality Development Fund. The Quality Development Fund aims at improving the teaching quality at our learning centers and to give funds for the formation of teachers and the Community Heroes.

To improve the quality of her courses, Community Hero Sujitha Miranda sat together with her team to discuss the quality framework and future developments. Finally everyone agreed to focus on the following three areas to develop the quality of the learning center:
1. Conduct library competitions
2. Conduct English camps at three state schools
3. Purchase books and learning materials for classroom activities.

Then Sujitha prepared a detailed proposal indicating the quality indicators. In April, she applied for the BOOKBRIDGE Quality Development Fund submitting a proposal and completing the survey. It was approved by Country Development Manager Monika Nowaczyk in May.

As a first step, Sujitha and her assistant Satheesh Pushparajah visited the Provincial Education Office to join hands with them to conduct library competitions and English Camps in the state school. The proposal was highly appreciated by the Provincial Director and given permission via an approval letter.

Quality Development Activities

Sujitha (center) explains the rules of the English camp
Sujitha (center) explains the rules of the English camp

Library Competition

The library competition consisted of tests in Reading, Hand Writing, Drawing, Dictation and Story Telling. They were organized for three age groups. The competition was held in two phases: school competitions and inter-school competitions. The school competitions were held from May 22nd to 26th at the learning center. Three winners were selected from each school for each competition to participate in the inter-school competition. The inter-school competitions were held on June 7th. 172 students participated in these competitions. The winners were selected by a panel of experienced judges. The winners received certificates and valuable books from the BOOKBRIDGE Team and Board of members at the LC 1st birthday celebration.

Sujitha (right) with students of Kahagalla school
Sujitha (right) with students of Kahagalla school

English Camps

The English camps were organized for three schools:
1. Aislabey Tamil Vidyalaya, Bandrawela
2. Gonamutawa Tamil Vidyalaya Bandarawela
3. Craig Tamil Maha Vidyalaya Bandarawela

Unfortunately Aislabey Tamil Vidyalaya didn´t have time to participate and Kahagalla Tamil Vidyalaya got the chance to get their own English camp.

The camps were organized by the senior students of the Find yourself batch. They prepared activities and games for the camps. Nearly 100 students participated in each camp. Each camp began at 8.30am and concluded at 1pm.

Books & Teaching Materials

Sujitha ordered 2 Headways students books and 2 Oxford Project Student books. The Headways books already arrived and the Project book is yet to be delivered. Also, Sujitha purchased some Alphabet puzzles and some plastic balls for classroom activities.

Students during the library competition
Students during the library competition

Impact of the Activities

Sujitha organized these activities to improve the following Quality development indicators:

  • Community Engagement
  • Student participation and development
  • Teaching Learning Process

Sujitha (center) and one of the school's directors formed the jury
Sujitha (center) and one of the school’s directors formed the jury
Sujitha believes that she met all her expectation since she got the following impact:

1. The learning center was able to reach more than 300 students & teachers in its English camps and more than 500 Student, teachers and parents in its library competition.
2. From May 10th to date 31 new students got registered.
3. Six library competition winners joined for courses securing the learning center’s financal independence
4. Many school teachers and parents got to know about the center.
5. Activity-based learning in the classrooms has been improved.
6. Zonal Education Office requested the learning center to do more English Camps in schools.

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