Bayankhongor Learning Center

MaxFun Learning Center in the capital of Bayankhongor province has opened in September 2018 with the help of our 12th Capability Program. Bayankongor is located in the southwest of Mongolia and, with 116,000 square kilometers, is one of the largest Aimags of the country. The capital of the Aimag shares the provincial name, Bayankhongor. The Aimag contains all three major geographic zones of Mongolia: forest, steppe, and desert.

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Tserenpagma “Tseegii” Altanbagana
Head of Learning Center


Enkhjargal Unurjargal
Assistant teacher


Lukas Schulze-Rohr

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Bayankhongor Learning Center
Modern center building, 1st floor
Bayankhongor province
Phone: +976-99064116 +976-89924116

Cherish our Founders and Alumni

Bayankhongor learning center was set-up in September 2018 by Anna Nilsson, Cédric Wells, Chris Healey, David Brook Diaz, Delphine Guigner, Jo Feasby, Johannes Niederer, Joseph Flanagan, Juho Keitaanniemi, Lukas Schulze-Rohr, Niel Johnson, Richard Ellis, Saskia Duch. We are grateful for their support and help!

CAP12 team after the successful investor pitch
CAP12 team after the successful investor pitch