Book Container arrived in Ang Tasom!

Scouts from a nearby high school help to unload the book boxes
Scouts from a nearby high school help to unload the book boxes from the container
After weeks of its journey from Europe, the book container for our new learning center in Cambodia, has finally arrive its last destination: Ang Tasom in the province of Takeo.

On 25 October, the container left Nuremberg and in early November arrived in Preah Sihanoukville. However, it took nearly two weeks to get its ‘passport and visa’ so that it could get into Cambodia. It involved a lot of works from many people: Cambodia Scouts played an important role in taking care of getting the passport and via for the container and Kuehne + Nagel logistic company took care of transporting it to Ang Tasom.

In the late dawn of 8 November, the book container has reached Ang Tasom. After few hours of waiting, books were unloaded from the container with a full support of students/scouts from a nearby high school. Within three hours, three classes of students/scouts happily emptied the container and all the book boxes have been carried to an ‘upcoming’ library room waiting for shelving in coming weeks.

On behalf of Ang Tasom Bookbridge local team, we very much appreciate the people who have put their efforts in the process of the learning center setup in Ang Tasom, Takeo, Cambodia – especially UK scouts, Kuehne + Nagel, Cambodia Scouts and students/scouts from Ang Tasom – thank you so much everybody!

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