Book container on its way to Ang Tasom

In the next months, we will set up a new learning center in Ang Tasom, Cambodia. Today, the container with books for the center started its journey from Europe to Asia.

Nuremberg – Bremerhaven – Singapur – Sihanoukville: Before arriving in Ang Tasom, the books for the new Cambodian learning center will take a long trip. The books have been collected by scouts and volunteers from Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland and have been sorted during the big sorting event in London that was organized by the 2nd East London Scout Group. The learning center in Ang Tasom will be set up during our 3rd Capability Program.

Today at 2pm, the books were loaded on the container in Nuremberg and then brought by train to Bremerhaven. Our partner Kuehne + Nagel takes care of the loading and transport. In Bremerhaven, the container will go on the container ship Maersk Essen and leave Europe for its trip to Singapur where it should arrive on October 10. In Singapur, the container will be handled to another ship and start its trip to Cambodian port city Sihanoukville. There, it will hopefully arrive on October 18 so that the learning center can open as planned on November 28.

If you want to follow the book container, you can see the ships current track on this website.

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