Book Festival in Mongolia

BLOG_Book Festival Mongolai
Mongolian president is awarding a student
Having started on September 15, a nation-wide book festival takes place in Mongolia.

“I would like to call Mongolian people for reading more books, give each other books as gift and to be close friend with books” says S. Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia. Based on this idea, Mongolia celebrates a big book festival these days. The “Books” festival is initiated by the President of Mongolia and started on September 15 with a kick-off celebration. As Mongolias surface area is very large but the population is only 2.8 million, the festival is organized as a mobile library project. Specially equipped mini vans will be travelling in the 21 provinces with books to reach people in the countryside.

The festival has a personal background: “Today’s “Book” Festival’s idea came from my friends sometime ago. After thinking carefully, I decided to release a decree to celebrate Book Festival” the president explains the idea.

To promote reading among young people, a “Best reader” award was given to children who read the most books. For those of you who speak Mongolian, you can read more about the festival on this page.

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