Book project continues at FIS

Learn_FIS students book projectOur ambitious European-Asian book project “Same but different” continues. Yesterday, the books and letters that were created during the trip to Mongolia this summer, arrived in Erlangen.

Yesterday, Marie visited the Franconian International School in Erlangen and joined the Bookbridge ASAP group to get an impression of what the students are doing week after week for us. And they are doing a lot: continuing the European-Asian book project and organising a book fair! Together with Marie also the results of the Mongolia trip arrived in Erlangen and everybody had a great time looking at the lovely letters, paintings and small books.

The object of the project is to create a book under the title of Same, Same but Different, Different Lives, in which the different lifestyles of young people in Mongolia, Cambodia and Europe are compared. The book is written by the young people themselves and shows how different (and similar!) children of all ages grow up around the globe.
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