BOOKBRIDGE at the World Scout Jamboree

Having its origins in the scout movement, BOOKBRIDGE still has a close link to scouts. Many BOOKBRIDGE learning centers work together with national and local scout groups that represent BOOKBRIDGE at small and big scout events. Gantumur Uugantsesteg (called Uuganaa) is Head of Learning Center in our learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia. Together with her scout group she participated at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan – and took the chance to introduce over 33,000 scouts to the ideas of BOOKBRIDGE. Here is her report.

The World Scout Jamboree was organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) chapter in Yamaguchi, Japan. The event included scouts from around the world. BOOKBRIDGE took part in this event as a representative of the Global Development Village. The jamboree officially opened on July 28 and lasted for 12 days. In total, over 33,000 scouts and 10,000 adults participated, representing 161 different countries.

Global Development Village
Global Development Village (GDV) is an on-site module program meant to raise awareness of global issues such as peace, the environment, development, human rights and health among participants. This year, GDV focused on disaster mitigation in Japan. United Nations agencies, NGOs and NPOs actively participated. The GDV program distributes pre-event materials and is part of the Join-in-Jamboree event. BOOKBRIDGE participated in the jamboree and reached many scouts around the world through its successful, on-site activities. Our main focus was to improve the understanding of what BOOKBRIDGE is doing through the GDV program.

Generally, GDV events provide opportunities to raise awareness about global issues, explore the environment, participate in community service, make friends from around the world and deepen the understanding of developments in science and technology. The world jamboree is a unique opportunity for participants to experience an exciting array of activities including: Global Development Village, City of Science, Cross Road of Culture and the Peace Program. It was a big chance to let them understand BOOKBRIDGE via the scouting method. All scouts at the jamboree showed great enthusiasm for including BOOKBRIDGE as a scout initiative.

Participants lived and learned with fellow scouts from around the world. They housed in tents with their home country friends but soon ventured out to mingle with tens of thousands of people from around the world for two weeks of activities and adventure. Our hardworking and responsible staff organized the Jamboree and made huge contributions to the understanding of scouting around the world.

Participants actively interacted during group work and discussions about BOOKBRIDGE. I provided participants with knowledge about BOOKBRIDGE and gathered their impressions on our session.

I’m happy to say that many scouts were ready to support our activities. In addition, this event was a big experience for me. It supports both my personal development and the BOOKBRIDGE foundation. I greatly appreciate your support in allowing me to join the World Scouts Jamboree, and I will do my best to continue developing BOOKBRIDGE in my community in the future. The jamboree was a unique and excellent environment for our BOOKBRIDGE presentation, and later it will be a great opportunity for us to present and expand our activities.

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