Muhammad Yunus congratulates BOOKBRIDGE

Happy about the award: BOOKBRIDGE founder Carsten Rübsaamen with Prof. Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz

At One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh, PA BOOKBRIDGE was awarded. We receive an investment for a learning center of 20,000 EUR. Prof. Muhammad Yunus congratulated personally.

Over 1,300 young people from 183 came to the One Young World Summit this weekend at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They discussed the most important problems of today with celebrities like Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan and Muhammad Yunus.

The focus of the discussion was laid on education. “We need to see education in a more holistic way than we have done so far. Education is not only about reading and writing. It is about the skills a person needs to live her life in a self-determined way”, said Asma Ataie from Afghanistan. Her non-profit organization engages for the rights of girls and young women.

Prof. Muhammad Yunus called on the delegates to search actively for solutions for global problems. “Do not adapt your ideas to existing systems. Try to change the systems instead”, he said to the enthusiastically clapping crowd at the David L. Lawrence Conference Center. Bob Geldoff and Joss Stone joined in his call.

Highlight of the congress was the foundation of the One Young World Social Business Accelerator. This fund is to support and finance ambitious and innovative project in the field of social business. The idea of the fund was born at One Young World Summit in Zurich in 2011.

BOOKBRIDGE is the first investment of the fund. Hans Reitz, founder of Grameen Creative Lab, held the speech: “Four years ago, Carsten started to collect books for Mongolia. Since then, he has not given up but fought continuously for his idea.” Besides Prof. Yunus and Hans Reitz, also David Jones, Andrew Knox and Louise Jack congratulated Carsten.

Carsten returned enthusiastically from Pittsburgh. “The engagement of the participants and the lively discussions impressed me deeply”, he said. Reason enough to join next One Young World Summit at Johannesburg on October 3, 2013!

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