Buyanaa attends TEDx camp in Arvaikheer

Buyanaa took part in TEDx camp
Buyanaa took part in TEDx camp
Buyanaa Zunorov from BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Khovd, Mongolia attend the TEDx Camp organized by learning center Arvaikheer. In this article she writes about her learnings.

TEDx Camp was really helpful not only for the students but also for the teachers to prepare for giving a speech at TEDx. TEDx is an international initiative for speeches about any topic. 30 students from different schools in Arvaikheer attended the camp that took place from April 19 to 22.

Buyanaa helps Perrin to guide a learning session
Buyanaa helps Perrin to guide a learning session
During the camp, students and teachers learnt details about how to prepare for TEDx. 30 students and 10 teachers worked hard for 2,5 days. Two days for sessions and another half day for audition. It was obvious how the students did their best and how they were responsible for their speeches. If it would have been possible, I had given the chance to everybody to give a speech because they were so passionate and eager to be included. Each student was judged by three teachers, six students were chosen as speakers. One speech was held in Mongolian, the other five in English. I am sure the selected students will give good speeches at TEDx which can give new ideas to others, which can convince others to take action in their community, and which can motivate the audience.

Buyanaa's TEDx group
Buyanaa’s TEDx group


Day 1:
1. Learning session – ‘What is Tedx’
2. Breakout Session- ‘Thinking outside the box’
3. Learning session- ‘TEDx Video2’
4. Breakout session-‘Finding your story’

Day 2:
1. Learning session – ‘Rhetoric’
2. Breakout Session- ‘Body paragraphs’
3. Learning session- ‘Call to Action’
4. Breakout session-‘Conclusions’

Valerie was teaching partner at TEDx
Valerie was teaching partner at TEDx
The days started at 9:30am and finished at 5:30pm. Homework was given after sessions for the night. Everyone was provided with lunch. TEDx camp was organized by Uuganaa, Community Hero in Arvaikheer, Perrin Krisko, Peace Corps volunteer, and assistant teachers Valerie Madas, Simon Casson, Jennifer Miller, Roberto, Brynn, Oyun-Erdene, Saihnaa and Davka.

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