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Get creative and take part in our cross-cultural calendar project!
Get creative and take part in our cross-cultural calendar project!
Help building bridges by getting creative for our BOOKBRIDGE calendar! Students of all grades and countries can participate in this cross-cultural project.

Last year we published a beautiful picture calendar together with our partner Mildenberger Verlag and many, many students from Cambodia, Germany and Mongolia. For 2016, we plan to do the calendar again: the slogan is „My favorite pet and me“. Students from all grades and countries are invited to get creative and send us their pictures!

From all pictures we will select the 12 most beautiful ones for the calendar. The goal ist to created an international and cross-cultural calendar made by students for students. The calendar will be in Englisch, Cambodian, German and Mongolian.

It´s easy to participate!
Get a white piece of paper, grab a pen – and draw yourself with your favorite pet! Your sheet must be 19cm wide and 18 cm high. You can just draw a picture or create a collage, a craft tip, a puzzle…

The deadline
Deadline for submission is July 17, 2015.

The format
You are free to use the upper two thirds of an A4 page (19 x 18 cm). Your submission can be a drawing, a collage, a crossword, a manual to do handicrafts, etc. Trust your creativity!

The theme
Your submission should refer to the theme of “My favorite pet and me”

The prize
The 12 most creative submissions will be published in the print version of our 2016 Calendar. The calendar will be available for download as PDF as well.

The partner
The calendar project was initiated by our partner Mildenberger Verlag. Geiger/Igepa Group supports us with printing paper.

Contact address
Scan your picture or put it into an envelope and send it to the following address:
Snail mail: Mildenberger Verlag, Topic: Klassenkalender 2016, Postfach 2020, 77610 Offenburg, Germany
If you scan your picture, please make sure that you scan it in high resolution (min. 300dpi).

In case of any further questions, please contact us at .

We are looking forward to your creative ideas!

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