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Our programs are open to candidates from all industries, backgrounds and ages. For each program, we carefully select 12 dedicated next-generation leaders. As the learning journey as an entrepreneur requires a high dedication and time invest, their motivation to join and expected learning outcomes interest us most.

What our alumni say


“One year after setting up my learning center in Cambodia I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this excellent program! I had the chance to enhance my entrepreneurial thinking while working on setting up a worthwhile tangible business in an intercultural and challenging environment!” Andreas Probst, Senior Project Leader, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH


“After the GMP+ Program I have perceived at Mr. Probst a change in the holistic entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Furthermore he was successfully transferring his intercultural project experience out of the GMP+ Program to his international multi-project management tasks.” Michael Braunschmidt, Head of Industrial Engineering, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH


“The appeal of the Global Social Entrepreneurship program for me lies in the combination of valuable theoretical inputs, brought across by professors and experts,and the practical application within the business impact project.This experience is very unique and apart from having a real impact it has taught me many practical life and business skills,such as intercultural collaboration and developing a business plan for a social enterprise.“ Irene Schlatter, Member of the Board of Directors, Leucom AG


“Setting up a learning center in Cambodia was a challenging task since it required a significant commitment in terms of time between and during the modules. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow, both in terms of skills but even more importantly as a person who was granted the chance to make a difference.” Jens Dissmann, Head of Developer Experience, Microsoft Mobile Oy


“Even 1,5 years after its official end, the program is still present in my head. The Capability Program cannot be compared to a traditional training. It was different to many things which I have done in my life so far. In a highly diverse team, we put alive a real project. The experiences I made as well as the project‘s long-term sustainability left a mark on me. I am excited to be part of the BridgeBuilder Community and I am looking forward to staying connected.” Andre Troue, Kuehne + Nagel


“The Capability Programme has been a phenomenal experience, the opportunity to make a difference to the population of Takeo province has been immensely rewarding. My major learning from the programme so far has been to develop a much greater level of patience and understanding when dealing with others, this has aided me greatly within my own team at work.” Gregor Toland, HILTI GB


“The Capability Program was a unique opportunity to learn new skills in the field of leadership, business and financial modeling as well as effective communication across boarders and cultures. Developing and presenting the Business Plan to key stakeholders and investors and project implementation stage in Cambodia meant that we took the learning from classroom to real business environment. Having an engineering background all this was new for me. However, before all these individual learnings, came the great team spirit and the strong will to create a real social impact.” Olga Katsanova, HILTI GB


“The BOOKBRIDGE Capability Programme has been a unique experience im my life so far that I can definitively recommend. Why? I was able to develop my leadership skills and experience entrepreneurship in a real international business environment. But above all it enabled me to create a positive and sustainable impact and live the change I would like to see in the world.” Delphine Ziarovski, PricewaterhouseCoopers


“Next to the managerial learnings we faced unpredictable challenges and hereby win recognition of own characteristics and qualities. For my personal life the program made me realize that I can strongly leave an impact on global communities and this gave me the confidence to do it. It was a really transformational experience.” Willem Bosman, Kuehne + Nagel


“A unique experience which allowed me to get familiar with the concept of social businesses and to develop my leadership skills in a real environment. The program was very inspiring for me and I am convinced that it did not only have an impact on me, but also on the local community, in particular the youth and kids, in Ang Tasom. BOOKBRIDGE is a great organization with very committed people.” Barbara Kaech, Deputy General Counsel, Nord Stream AG


“The program offers a unique chance to combine a professional and personal development experience. Working towards such a worthwhile goal inspired the whole team to raise their game and achieve a great result in a relatively short time. Bookbridge gave us the entrepreneurial tools and and frameworks and we finished the job!” Nathan Evans, Business Development, SIX Group


“The reason for joining the program was to see something else than spreadsheets and powerpoint slides and make a true difference for people who have much less than us in Europe. This purpose was fulfilled with a group of great and fun people in a very professional setting and left us all with unique and satisfying impressions.” Björn Goergens, Entrepreneur


“The energy on the ground in Cambodia was fantastic. We really came together as a team, we were surrounded by smiling, excited children the entire time and we saw daily progress (and had our fair share of setbacks) at the Learning Center. The Opening Ceremony was a perfect culmination to an incredibly intense week. We all understand that the ability to listen well is key, in business and in life in general. Honing that skill with people whose culture and daily lives differ so fundamentally from our own – while also dealing with the various language barriers – was tremendously instructive. To me, the most important challenge lay in protecting the core of our intent – providing fun, open and equitable access to educational opportunity – while very much putting the local team in the driver seat and being sensitive to the tough realities on the ground.” Rebecca Stallbaumer, Manager Career Center, WHU


“The GMP+ was not only an opportunity to learn about business, management or entrepreneurship. It was also a chance to discover some skills and limits that are hidden and only appear when you are really challenged. Everything there is real: you have to deal with real people, in a real project, with clear and defined targets but in a complete unknown territory. And the best is that you fell 100% motivated to work hard, to find clever solutions and to be successful, because you see how important is the social project for the chosen community. Priceless experience! Excellent opportunity for personal and professional development.” Denis P. Tamborlin, Senior Project Manager, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH


“The program is a great combination of theoretical background with a challenging environment for the practical part where typical Western thinking and approaches come to an end but can be managed with a great team effort.” Niels Kuschinsky, Head of Digital Transition, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH


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