CAP10 is ready – only 1 spot left!

Mandalgovi Learning Center
CAP8 Alumni Tobias and Community Hero Nangaa on the opening day of their learning center in Mandalgovi, Mongolia

Only 6 weeks to go until we kick off our 10th Capability Program. For the first time, two teams will set out in parallel to create their social enterprise in Mongolia and Cambodia. A very diverse team from 18 countries (!) cannot wait to get started. And we are booked out: 24 out of 24 spots taken.

Six years after our first pilot program, we are proud to celebrate our 10th BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program kicking off on April 27 in Switzerland, Mongolia and Cambodia. For our program anniversary, we decided to send two teams in parallel onto their learning journey as well as invite our Community Heroes Buyna from Khovd, Mongolia and Kimsorn from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Switzerland to attend module 1.

Each program has been unique in its learnings and outcomes so far. From the 8th Capability Program, we learnt that the presence of the Community Hero in module 1 eases relationship building and allows the teams to better assess the needs and resources of the people from the beginning. We are excited to welcome our Community Heroes in Switzerland!

Many of our clients asked us how we can grow our program as more and more get interested in developing their talents with us. Our answer is that we send out multiple teams in parallel. By that way, we keep the same quality level and allow candidates to experience and learn from collaborating across teams. We are looking forward to the learnings we will make!

We are excited to welcome SBB, SIGLO and Autoneum as new clients in this program. They will join a group of very diverse talents from Swiss Re, Swisscom and HILTI Northern Europe. In addition, two passionate individuals from Spain and Switzerland have also signed up for the program. One of them will volunteer on-site as a BOOKBRIDGE Fellow after the program.

Are you interested in joining a future program? Feel free to contact Carsten, download the program brochure and apply directly online.


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