CAP13 chose a business idea during Module 2

CAP13 team fun faces.
CAP13 team fun faces



End of October, the CAP13 team met at Zurich for the first time. With a lot of uncertainty and questions they started their learning journey, and now in their virtual Module 2, they choose a business idea to develop in Orange Farm, South Africa.

During this 4-hour virtual Module, the candidates reflected together with Santiago Mayo, the Business Coach, on how the team dynamic is going. After discussing the things that are working and what needs to be improved, the team took some decisions on how to move forward to their big milestone in January, the Investor’s Pitch. The most important decision was the business idea that they will develop in Orange Farm together with Keitu and the local candidates, which so far was very open and undefined.

Now with a more concrete business idea, the social enterprise will start shaping and during Module 3 in Zurich, the team will need to convince the investor about the feasibility of their business in South Africa. A lot of research and prototyping needs to be done, but the team continues to work as a virtual group of social entrepreneurs driven by a common vision to bring opportunities to the community of Orange Farm, so we have no doubt they will succeed in this upcoming important milestone.

Besides the challenge of working virtually, with people from different countries, time zones and cultures, and in a short time frame, the team’s motivation is still high and the positive attitude remains. We keeps fingers crossed for this team and we are looking forward to hear their Investor’s Pitch.

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